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Our History

St. James Inn was founded in 1988 by Fr. Patrick Traynor, CSP, a UCLA Medical Center chaplain, who observed family members of patients sleeping in the lobby of the hospital or in their cars because they could not afford the cost to stay in a local hotel. Fr. Pat dreamed of providing a “home away from home,” for families of critically ill patients who must travel far from their homes for treatment and find the cost of lodging an impossible financial burden.

Fr. Pat Traynor’s greatest gift was his ability to organize volunteers to implement his vision, to teach others ways to stretch themselves in service to those less fortunate, and provide opportunities for doing so. Thanks to his inspiration and unflagging dedication, St. James Inn has served as a haven for patients and their families of all faiths from all over the world.  We strive to help families find respect, compassion, and dignity during their times of greatest need. 


(Fr. Pat Traynor, below. St. James Inn’s first home on Westwood Boulevard, above)

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